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TJEP GRF 34/100 Excellent GAS

TJEP GRF 34/100 Excellent GAS
Artikel nr. 100200
EAN nr. 5702551002001
Type Gas Nailer
Size (L×B×H) 347 × 120 × 401 mm
gewicht 4.1 kg
Lengte 63 - 105 mm
Diameter 2.8 - 3.3 mm
hoek 34°
Latten , Bekisting, Spanplaten, Latten, Raftering, Vouwhout

TJEP GRF 34/100 Excellent GAS is the latest addition within nailers that do not use compressor and hose. For many years, TJEP gas nailers have been among the craftsmen's favorites - and now the latest generation is ready.

With its low weight and extreme power, TJEP GRF 34/100 Excellent GAS is one of the most versatile gas nailer on the market and it can shoot up to 100 mm ring nail - even in hard construction wood.

The compact design makes it easy to work with and the nailer has a rear two-step loading-system making it easy and quick to load nails. You have the option to adjust the depth control manually and the battery indicator tells you how much power the battery has left.

The TJEP GRF 34/100 Excellent GAS is the perfect choice for raftering, roof battening, laths, boarding, flooring, siding etc.

Key product features:

  • Great balance
  • Li-ion battery - approx. 8000 shots per charge
  • Battery indicator
  • Batteri-indikator 
  • Extreme power - one of the strongest in the market
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Belt hook
  • No-mark nose



Artikel nr.ProductFinish
834362 TJEP GR 28/63 gladde nagels, Jumbobox
833187 TJEP GF 31/90 gladde nagels, Maxibox
Verz. 12µ+

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